Who is Steve Tan?

Steve Tan is the creator of the Kreyos Smartwatch, and he rose to fame last year when he posted a photo of himself standing next to a Ferrari in Italy, surrounded by shopping bags. The photo of himself, clearly enjoying financial success, raised eyebrows among those who had supported the Indiegogo campaign for the smartwach.

Steve Tan’s smartwatch campaign had proved to be a failure, but he has enjoyed a lot of success in other areas, and has established himself as an ecommerce guru. He has earned millions of dollars through events, public speaking, and youtube videos, and has a profitable ecommerce business. He has managed to make a lot of money on Shopify, and is generating good sales. The success that he has found there is a stark contrast to the difficulties with his campaigns.

It’s always good to be resilient, and to be able to re-invent yourself when you have failed in one area. Steve Tan has truly managed to do that, pivoting from the idea of Indiegogo projects to something far more focused, and taking advantage of the power of the Internet to sell things online.

Eric, CEO of iSTack Training, records a video testimonial for Steve Tan and his brother, Evan Tan.

Can you learn from his programs and his videos? Well, that is something that only you can decide. A lot of people do learn well from videos, and it appears that Tan’s results speak for themselves. However, there are plenty of other successful Shopify businesses, so whether you choose to put your faith in Steve and his brother Ean, or work with someone else is entirely up to you.

Many people do trust Tan, though. iStack Training opted to have the Tan Brothers as speakers at Ecommerce Mastery Live, where they shared their experiences in the world of ecommerce and helped people to get started with their own stores. The thing that sets the Tan brothers apart from others in the world of ecommerce is that they are not selling a mysterious, single and special solution. Rather, they are promoting something that is based on hard work and patience. If you want to succeed with their model then it will take time, iterative experience, and practice. This isn’t a system of using bots and spamming to make money. Nor is it a pyramid scheme where you con other people into giving you money to share tips – which involve selling the same tips to others. The ecommerce systems that Steve and his brother promote are things that anyone can learn and build upon, but that will take work and patience to employ.

If you want to build a successful Shopify store, then you would do well to invest in the advice that Steve Tan is willing to share. Don’t expect his ideas to make you a millionaire overnight, but do consider how they will help you to grow in the long term. Tan is more than an inspirational speaker. He has proven methods that will help you to grow your ecommerce business and create a successful company, even if you are starting from scratch.

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